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DVN Pickem

DVN Pickem Week Two


Cody Moyer 7 3 14
Alex Comer 6 4 12
Ryan Seigh 6 4 12
Schuyler Callihan 6 4 12
Brandon Lowe 5 5 10
Carson Fox 5 5 10
Michael Gresko 5 5 10
Chase Kiddy 4 6 8
Chris Hall 3 7 6

Mississippi State @ Kansas State

Cody Moyer: Mississippi State

Michael Gresko: Mississippi State

Christopher Hall: Kansas State

Carson Fox: Mississippi State

Brandon Lowe: Mississippi State

Chase Kiddy: Mississippi State

Ryan Seigh: Mississippi State

Alex Comer: Kansas State

Schuyler Callihan: Kansas State


Arizona @ Houston

Cody Moyer: Houston

Michael Gresko: Houston

Christopher Hall: Houston

Carson Fox: Houston

Brandon Lowe: Arizona

Chase Kiddy: Houston

Ryan Seigh: Arizona

Alex Comer: Houston

Schuyler Callihan: Arizona


Georgia @ South Carolina

Cody Moyer: Georgia

Michael Gresko: Georgia

Christopher Hall: Georgia

Carson Fox: Georgia

Brandon Lowe: Georgia

Chase Kiddy: Georgia

Ryan Seigh: Georgia

Alex Comer: Georgia

Schuyler Callihan: South Carolina


Colorado @ Nebraska

Cody Moyer: Nebraska

Michael Gresko: Nebraska

Christopher Hall: Nebraska

Carson Fox: Colorado

Brandon Lowe: Nebraska

Chase Kiddy: Nebraska

Ryan Seigh: Nebraska

Alex Comer: Colorado

Schuyler Callihan: Nebraska


Iowa State @ Iowa

Cody Moyer: Iowa

Michael Gresko: Iowa

Christopher Hall: Iowa State

Carson Fox: Iowa

Brandon Lowe: Iowa

Chase Kiddy: Iowa

Ryan Seigh: Iowa State

Alex Comer: Iowa

Schuyler Callihan: Iowa


Clemson @ Texas A&M

Cody Moyer: Clemson

Michael Gresko: Clemson

Christopher Hall: Clemson

Carson Fox: Clemson

Brandon Lowe: Clemson

Chase Kiddy: Clemson

Ryan Seigh: Clemson

Alex Comer: Clemson

Schuyler Callihan: Clemson


Penn State @ Pitt

Cody Moyer: Penn State

Michael Gresko: Pitt

Christopher Hall: Penn State

Carson Fox: Penn State

Brandon Lowe: Penn State

Chase Kiddy: Penn State

Ryan Seigh: Penn State

Alex Comer: Penn State

Schuyler Callihan: Penn State

USC @ Stanford

Cody Moyer: Stanford

Michael Gresko: Stanford

Christopher Hall: Stanford

Carson Fox: Stanford

Brandon Lowe: Stanford

Chase Kiddy: Stanford

Ryan Seigh: USC

Alex Comer: Stanford

Schuyler Callihan: Stanford


Michigan State @ Arizona State

Cody Moyer: Arizona State

Michael Gresko: Michigan State

Christopher Hall: Michigan State

Carson Fox: Arizona State

Brandon Lowe: Michigan State

Chase Kiddy: Arizona State

Ryan Seigh: Michigan State

Alex Comer: Michigan State

Schuyler Callihan: Michigan State


Youngstown St @ West Virginia

Cody Moyer: West Virginia 66-16

Michael Gresko: West Virginia 59-7

Christopher Hall: West Virginia 62-7

Carson Fox: West Virginia 52-14

Brandon Lowe: West Virginia 55-10

Chase Kiddy: West Virginia 65-7

Ryan Seigh: West Virginia 49-13

Alex Comer: West Virginia 57-14

Schuyler Callihan: West Virginia 48-17


Underdog pick

Cody Moyer: Kentucky over Florida

Michael Gresko: South Florida over Georgia Tech

Christopher Hall: East Carolina over North Carolina

Carson Fox: Virginia over Indiana

Brandon Lowe: Miami (OH) over Cincinnati

Chase Kiddy: Grambling State over Northwestern Sta

Ryan Seigh: Duke over Northwestern

Alex Comer: Kentucky over Florida

Schuyler Callihan: Liberty over Army


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