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Don’t Even Touch Rich Rodriguez, West Virginia

It shouldn’t need mentioning, but, here we are. Somewhere in the soulless, desperate, unimaginable depths of the West Virginia University Football fandom universe, there is a conversation about whether West Virginia should bring back Rich Rodriguez.

This Rich Rodriguez…and this Rich Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is the hottest name in college football, but not for his coaching abilities.He’s currently the hottest man for his abilities to allegedly make women around him so uncomfortable they call him, “The Predator.”

The answer in it’s simplest form is: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Since his abrupt and spiteful departure from the Mountaineers in 2007, Rodriguez has been nothing but mediocre as a college coach while always seemingly engulfing his programs in controversies.

“Rich Rod” was caught forcing players to workout longer than NCAA rules permit at Michigan.

His alleged infidelities have followed him throughout his career. From WVU to Arizona.

Rich Rodriguez already showed he didn’t care about the WVU program. All he cared about was himself. To bring him back after such an ugly departure is unfathomably insane. The PR disaster that is Rodriguez is not worth his coaching abilities. Not even close.

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